Why Anxiety Can Result From Neuroinlammation and Why Harnessing The Power of the Vagus Nerve Can Fix It.

Anxiety can result following trauma through to dysregulation of the autonomic nervous system. The ability to move between the “Green Zone”, our social engagement zone, into our “Yellow Zone”, our fight or flight response determines our emotional and mental health.

By stimulating the vagus nerve we can learn to improve the flexibility of our nervous system so that we are not always primed for fear and anxiety.

I teach a powerful technique that has been greatly helping my patients.

Vagus Nerve Stimulation, Acupuncture and Mind-Body Practice to Reduce Inflammation

Integrated treatment approaches consisting of Transcutaneous Vagus Nerve Stimulation, Acupuncture and Mind-Body interventions have proven to successfully improve neuroinflammation as shown in recent studies.

Combining these approaches with specific meditations and breathing exercises that target the pre-frontal cortex have been shown to reduce pro-inflammatory cytokines and have a positive impact on nervous system dysfunction including depression, anxiety, cognitive dysfunction, and pain.

The Vagus Nerve is the Key to Overcoming Anxiety and Finding the Flow State.

Vagus Nerve stimulation is proving to help many people overcome feelings of anxiety and find their flow state. It is the area of work that I am so passionate about because for those suffering on a physical, mental and emotional level it can be the key that opens the door to a new found freedom. The state that we predominantly find ourselves in will effect our entire human experience: how we feel on the inside, our emotional reactions, our ability to connect with the people we love, our ability to work and create.

Mindfulness Helps Fear and Anxiety

The practice of meditation can heal this split and bring us back to our original connectedness. Our actions can flow from a wellspring of our deepest intent, rather than from trying to avoid fear and anxiety. It’s so helpful to regularly check in with what’s going on inside of us to see if we’re staying connected or cutting off.

Healing Chronic Pain with Modern Science

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing one of Australia’s leading pain scientists for my podcast. Professor Lorimer Moseley is not only a genius when it comes to healing chronic pain, he also has a good sense of humour and can tell a great story

Interoception, Embodiment and Wellbeing

Interoception is the ability to sense the inner condition of our bodies. How is interoceptive relevant to our health and well-being? Illnesses such as anxiety, depression, eating disorders, immune disorders, chronic pain and more can be considered diseases of disembodiment. There is some fascinating new research out on chronic pain, depression and body image and how they relate to interception. It appears the better we feel inside our bodies, the better we feel about them.

Gut Brain Connection: Why a Healthy Gut is the Key to a Healthy Brain and Happy Mood

Research investigating the interaction between nutritive factors, somatic factors, such as heart rate, psychological and pharmacological treatments, and vagal activity has lead to integrative treatment options that incorporate vagus nerve stimulation, nutritional approaches, and psychological interventions, such as mindfulness-based approaches, which can be tailored to the needs of the individual patient.